We are the ACE Team

Over 10 years in both the education and computer technology field, we are consistently adapting to provide better solutions and services to all of our clients. Not only have we overseen the massive shift of direction in global and local market, but the ability to stay as the leading group all these years has made us stand up as a pioneer to the needs of the latest trend.

The switch from conventional teaching methods to the usage of multimedia teaching aids has not come with an amount of hurdles. The majority of the reported imperfection of most of the multimedia tools point towards problematic software, inadequate information, weak support and stiff learning curve.

ACE has ventured into different industries to provide digital solution for the sectors. Its most prominent one is the education industry, where more than 200 schools have already chosen us as their solution provider.


ACE Mission and Vision:

Ace Mission:
To customize solution for each and every client’s needs and empower their businesses with our technology

Ace Vision:
To venture into different industries for them to adopt the smart technology and improve the quality of work